We are a customized translation agency

We apply our passion for beautiful words to the fields of cosmetics, fashion and luxury.
Each word – each character – is carefully chosen to reflect the essence of your message. Each sentence is crafted to perfectly suit your marketing supports.

Badiane coordinates a network of translators and graphic artists. Together we apply our mastery with nuance.

The agency

Our agency, founded in 2006, is passionate about languages and the world of cosmetics and luxury.

Our dynamic, attentive in-house team provides you with personalized service and works hand-in-hand with a network of experienced translators and graphic artists scattered throughout every continent.

You benefit from the skills of specialized service providers who maintain connections with their own cultures on the cutting edge of today’s world.

Why did I choose the name Badiane?

"Badiane, or star anise, is an ingredient used in perfume as well as in cuisine. I adore the sparkling graphic appearance of this spice. Its name has its origins in the Persian language, which makes it ideal for a translation agency!"


Our multilingual services

We are capable of handling your multilingual translation projects from A to Z, providing you with comprehensive services to suit your needs.

Driven by a true passion for their profession, our translators exclusively write in their native language.

Our multilingual team of graphic artists is available for any service relating to the design of your documents for marketing, sales or other purposes.

We offer personalized subtitling services to provide our clients with impactful and dynamic promotional videos, tutorials and conference recordings.

What languages do you handle?

"Not only Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech and Danish, but also Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and others; feel free to inquire."

Our fields of expertise:
cosmetics and luxury products

Your brand image and the reputation of your products are essential, and we ensure that each translation we provide is befitting.

Perfume: A refined, exquisitely precise art in which each ingredient has its significance. Each of our translators is proficient in describing the history and scent of a perfume in his or her own language.

Makeup: An expertise that requires specific skills. Our translators are committed to reflecting the expertise and creativity of your brand.

Skincare: A precious science in continual development. Our translators keep up with the latest discoveries and are able to grasp leading-edge technologies.

Fashion: From design to crafting and from simple accessories to high fashion pieces, fashion never stands still. Our translators remain at the forefront of the latest trends to continually develop their flair.

Watchmaking and jewelry: Each brand possesses its own signature and history. Our translators delight in expressing the expertise and excellence of your collections with elegance.

Our expertise extends to other fields that you might require. We closely examine each request to bring you the best solution in the most convenient time frame.

The team

Marianne Lainé-Pereira

Executive manager and founder

With a background in linguistics, Marianne entered the world of translation with her earliest professional experiences.

She is passionate about language as well as writing, and she believes in the accuracy of words: “When you translate, you must consider each word to find its precise counterpart in the other language, without distorting its meaning.”

She is motivated and highly involved in the day-to-day work of Badiane Traductions, which she enthusiastically, energetically founded in 2006.

Today, Marianne is a manager who works closely with her employees and remains attentive to developing the company so that it may continue rising to ever-higher achievements. She leaves nothing to chance, empowering her team with positive energy in recognition of each member’s specific skills.

She is fluent in the following languages: fre eng ger rus

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Portrait de Marianne - Chef de projet traduction

What brings Badiane that "little something extra"?

"We are a company on a human scale which takes an active and proactive approach to the needs of all our clients."

Charlotte Cartier

Project manager

With a passionate interest in the English language since grade school, Charlotte oriented her studies toward foreign languages and civilizations from an early age.

She had decided to become a translator following her Master’s Degree in translation. It was then, in 2007, that she discovered the role of project manager at Badiane Traductions in Versailles. Charlotte quickly developed an affinity for this profession, which she considers refreshing and flexible. “Every day offers a real challenge!”

Today she works from home in her native region of Orange, but she maintains a close relationship with the agency and is very proud of its expansion.

She is fluent in the following languages: fre eng ita spa

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Adeline Sasal

Project manager

Adeline pursued most of her studies abroad: first at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, and then at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain. She was fascinated to discover these foreign cultures and made the most of these experiences to perfect her language skills.

Like Camille Hédouin, she was recruited as an apprentice by Badiane in 2012. She immediately developed an affinity for project management and especially for the “mental gymnastics” involved.

Adeline likes to tackle several projects at once, adapting to new requests and finding suitable solutions.

She is fluent in the following languages: fre eng spa

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Portrait de Adeline - Chef de projet traduction

What brings Badiane that "little something extra"?

"The family-style spirit, the flexibility offered by the company's small size, and the team's strength, which is based on the complementarity of talents of each of its members."

Kiera Murphy Byrden

Project manager

Born in Ireland, the Emerald Isle, Kiera has been living in France for fifteen years. Today she frequently travels abroad. For her, these travels are a source of personal and linguistic enrichment, and each day brings new discoveries.

While she was not particularly attracted to the world of luxury and beauty in the beginning, Kiera joined Badiane as an apprentice in 2013. Since then she has not only completed her Master’s Degree in translation, but she has also become a makeup and jewelry specialist.

At work, Kiera strives to contradict her ancestor’s famous law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

She is fluent in the following languages: eng fre spa

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Portrait de Kiera - Chef de projet traduction

What brings Badiane that "little something extra"?

"The diversity and creativity of this field, the friendly relations with the translators and the human size of the team."

Clémence Leblais

Project manager

Clémence is one of the team’s latest recruits. She joined the team in 2014 and has been blossoming since then in a profession where, according to her, every day is a learning experience.

She chose a career in translation for the proximity with language that this activity allows.

She is also passionate about travel and photography, and she has a particular affection for this quote by the writer Nicolas Bouvier: “Traveling outgrows its motives. It soon proves sufficient in itself. You think you are making a trip, but soon it is making you – or unmaking you.”

She is fluent in the following languages: fre eng ger rus


Portrait de Clémence - Chef de projet traduction

What brings Badiane that "little something extra"?

"The team spirit and energy that each employee brings to developing Badiane."

Camille Wahl

Project manager

Intrigued and interested by the marvels of translation from an early age, Camille aspired to pursuing this profession until she completed her studies. “Each language has its idiosyncrasies, a signature which reflects the culture of its country.”

She studied literature, then linguistics, and dreamed of seeing her name on the cover of a bestseller one day. Camille settled on project management, which she finds every bit as interesting.

She joined Badiane in 2015 with the help of Kiera, one of her college classmates, and today she works from home in her native city, Lille.

She is fluent in the following languages: fre eng spa

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Maria Messina

Project Manager

Originally from the US, Maria has always loved studying French. Her passion began in high school, while working at a French boulangerie, then at university where she obtained a Bachelor’s in English and French Literature. She came to France in 2012, where she began work as an English language assistant.

In the fall of 2015, she arrived at Badiane and discovered the world of translation, luxury and cosmetics. She loves “juggling a thousand things at once, without ever getting bored”.

Even in France, Maria stays true to her roots, especially when it comes to food: You can take the girl out of America, but you can’t take America out of the girl…

She is fluent in the following languages: eng fre

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Portrait de Maria - Chef de projet traduction

What brings Badiane that "little something extra"?

"My colleagues! They always manage to find the right word, and they do it with a smile. They never fail to impress me and they encourage me to do the best I can."

Sponsorship and patronage

A home for bees

Badiane Traductions supports the work of bees and contributes to their conservation.

Since 2015, the company has been a sponsor of the Pouydraguin apiary in Occitanie to help combat the widespread collapse of bee colonies.

This phenomenon is a real danger for the world’s food production, in which bees play an important role. Plant pollination is an essential, irreplaceable step in the life cycle of the entire ecosystem.

Would you like to participate? Please click here. You’ll receive part of your bees’ harvest!

Adopt a lindentree in the park of Versailles

Badiane Traductions participates in replanting the Allée des Tilleuls in Les Mortemets, a waterfowl game reserve located in the hunting grounds that belonged to Louis XIV.

In 1999, a terrible windstorm destroyed a great number of trees in the gardens of the Château de Versailles.

We therefore decided to adopt a tree to help bring life back to the landscaping originally designed by André Le Nôtre.

Would you like to participate? Please click here.

Adopt a bench at the Théâtre d’Eau

Along the same lines, we have also adopted a marble bench which embellishes the grove of trees at the Théâtre d’Eau of the Château de Versailles.

This initiative reveals our affection for this historic place, which is an integral part of our heritage.

Would you like to participate? Please click here.

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