Badiane Traductions

Photo shoot!

by Marianne Lainé-Pereira

After almost ten years of existence and two somewhat abandoned drafts of a website, let’s be real: it was about time to seriously get back to work!

It was very important for me to properly introduce my team and avoid being stuck in the anonymous “grey area” of various websites that I find rather impersonal. What better way to start than by having a photo shoot done by a professional!

It all started on July 13th, 2015, at 9:30…

After a brief moment in the very capable hands of our makeup artist Karen, we all took turns posing for the camera. A bit intimidated at first, we quickly built up our confidence thanks to the sense of humor and kindness of our photographer, Frédéric.


The result: we all left with an excellent memory of that day, and ended up with beautiful photos to enliven our website. A big thanks to both Frédéric and Karen for their incredible work!

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