Badiane Traductions

Badiane is moving!

by Marianne Lainé-Pereira

That’s it, it’s time to pack up the cardboard boxes. After several years on rue du Peintre Lebrun, a winding little street near the Royal Chapel of Versailles, it was time to find a new little nest to properly welcome our team that is slowly, but surely, growing.


We’ve chosen the historical Saint-Louis neighborhood as our new home. The city of Versailles website describes it as “calm and a little hidden, the Saint-Louis neighborhood has preserved entire streets, their architectural décor remaining unchanged since the 18th century.”

The Versailles Office of Tourism adds, “The city plans of the Saint-Louis neighborhood were drawn up around 1685. In 1737, on the location chosen at the time, Louis XV allowed two entrepreneurs to build a group of small “houses”: the carrés Saint-Louis, meant to lodge the stands of a new market. These small buildings were organized in squares (carrés) around the intersection of the streets Royale and d’Anjou. But the market was unsuccessful in attracting customers, and in 1755, the height of the buildings was raised and they were transformed into dwellings. Under the threat of destruction by Napoleon III, they were eventually spared, and today form an exceptional urban ensemble of the 18th century. The small buildings still house businesses on the ground floor, contributing to the charm of the neighborhood.”

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